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yoga mat bag - HARAKA - olive

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haraka means movement in arabic.

the yoga mat bag will keep your mat dry and clean no matter what the weather is like. the fabric is waterproof and can easily wiped clean or hand washed. for this collection we used leftover fabrics only.


material: leftover polyester (can be disinfected)
color: dark green
size (LxBxH): 69cm x 22cm
made by zahra and the women at al kawtar



this is AMAL

amal means hope in arabic.

since 2018, amal makes all yoomee bracelets by hand with great care. and since 2020, she has the support of four other women who work from home.

some of the women have a physical impairment or a family at home and for this reason are not able to travel to a workplace. for this reason it is important to us that all women are free to decide from where and how much they want to work. this way the women can generate their own income and live independently. which leads us to our moto.

Independence is empowerment