anna-katharina is the owner of collab zuerich and she is the one who takes care of all YOOMEE online orders and our flashisp store - together with her great team from collab zuerich. 

what is your function at YOOMEE?
together with my team at collab zurich we take care of all YOOMEE online orders. we also welcome customers in the YOOMEE flagship store. we do lots of operative tasks like inventory, labelling products and unpacking large orders from morocco. we never get bored!

what does YOOMEE mean to you and why do you like to be part of the team?
YOOMEE means turning visions and ideas into lovely products that are made by great people. I love seeing traditional craftsmanship being kept alive and people being empowered with jobs that they truly love.

what is your favorite product?
the mini keytag "GOLDSCHATZ". I think it is the perfect gift for someone really special.

how do you see YOOMEE in the future?
i see YOOMEE as a project more than a brand. with YOOMEE we get to work with so many great people and the ideas are always changing and growing. there are no real limitations to what we can still do - not only regarding products but also workshops, creating new ateliers and much more.

what product would you like to realize at YOOMEE
I would love to wear YOOMEE rings and earrings someday :) 

what is your life motto?

þetta reddast an Icelandic saying meaning roughly "it will all work out okay". 

some extra words:
i love lots of the tasks that others think are boring - like working out an inventory system that works! thank you for always letting me bring in my nerdy thoughts as well as my creative ideas. to many more adventures!