first of all mehdi is a passionate story teller. he always has a quip up his sleeve and loves to leave his funny comments.

In 2016 i met mehdi at riad be marrakech - initially he was a friend who always made a comment about my products and from time to time he became a good friend and a helping hand. when the corona period started i couldn't travel to marrakech myself and was looking for someone who could support me from afar. so he became an indispensable team member in 2020.

his function at YOOMEE is: production management. this includes: communication between the artisans and florence, product control, packaging and shipping to switzerland.

besides his important and serious functions, there are some fun facts to know about mehdi:

- he is the loudest sneezer i have ever met.
- can never answer a question with one word (I think this is due to his actual profession)
- his favorite words are: terrible, seriously and mähhh (if you can call that a word)