youssef doulaki

youssef doulaki

youssef - the bag maker

following up with his family’s legacy as a third generation of leather craftsman has allays been a passion of his. since, we started working with youssef back in 2017, we saw his dedication and professionalism first hand, we bring an idea to the table and he is there for every step of the way to make it happen.

the support from his team which we love working with is what we love most about his atelier in the out skirts of marrakech, you are always greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. he had managed to sound himself with a happy family of people that make all possible for us and any other. we are grateful for this fruitful collaboration, we can’t be happier.

we have asked Youssef few questions and we go some answer from him 

  • what is your name?
    well, as i know until now, i am called youssef with a huge smile on his face, he said. 

  • how many people are working with you?
    let see, i have three work sections with each is focused on something, so far i have between 17 to 20 people with hopeful room for more. 

  • since when you have been working in the leather business?
    actually, since 2006, right after I got back from holland. 

  • why this field exactly?
    it was my father’s craft which he had made all possible for us, so i got back to it to continue kinda of what was started. as we say in darija
    “follow your father’s craft and you will never lose.” he said with pride. 
  • how is the collaboration with YOOMEE been until now?
    it is been hard work since 2017, beautiful moments and above all friendships. 

  • what is your favourite YOOMEE product out of the ones you make?
    i guess the best seller, like this we can give a lot of work to our team.

  • what is the difficult thing about this job for you?
    nothing in particular but since Florence works with leftover leather its very hard to find nice leather or finding the right zipper color for it.
  • where is the best place in and around marrakech?
    of course it is BE AGAFAY - in the stone desert.

  • and last question what is the dishes you love the most?
    well, my favourite taijn with artichokes, which my wife fatima-zahra always prepares for us. i always have to share it with florence.